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Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. Here you can find out about all my music, latest releases and what has inspired me. Please scroll down to hear tracks from my latest album ‘Little Miss Blue’, as well as my latest track, “Communication”, chosen by Deaf Scotland to be their theme song
With Love,
Lady Geraldine



Lady Geraldine works with some of Scotland’s most experienced session musicians, which has led to the release of her album of all original songs  ‘Little Miss Blue’ 




My Story

Lady Geraldine was born in the English West Country (you never ask a Lady her age!), but by the age of 7 was diagnosed profoundly deaf after years of constant ear infections and catastrophic damage to the ears. At the age of 23 she was offered a reconstruction of the right ear which amazingly gave her partial hearing once more and let her lead a more normal life and, of course, led to her great love of singing and music.

She then moved to North Africa where the diverse culture and music had a dramatic effect on her life, and because the music was so different she channeled her creative passion into painting in oils. But the harsh climate and cultural  diversity forced a move; this time settling in Venezuela, South America where she was exposed to a completely different environment from England or Africa. This led her to grow as an artist and performer.

On arriving back in Britain she settled in the lovely city of Edinburgh and soon started vocal session work in a local recording studio; slowly but surely, developing her very own unique style and approach. Now, she works with some of Scotland’s most experienced session musicians, which has led to the release of her album of all original songs, ‘Little Miss Blue’.

2019 saw yet another chapter of her remarkable life begin, chosen by Deaf Scotland to write and perform the anthem for their organisation. The result is “Communication”, a track which looks back to the struggles Lady Geraldine had with a world ignorant of her disability but which also looks to the present and future, to show that with determination, anything is possible. Appearances on national radio, print and TV outlets have so far included:

BBC Scotland News and BBC Scotland RadioEdinburgh Evening News, BBC Ouch and STV News

2019 promises to be the year Lady Geraldine enters public consciousness.

Press Coverage

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